Yasmin Peled was born in the Jezreel Valley, in Beit Shearim (a moshav), not far from Nazareth. A corner of bucolic serenity with the scents of the dairy and fields from one end of the horizon to the other wafting through the air. She spent her time studying, playing the piano and drawing. Anything that would help her escape her turn to work in the dairy. Her hard work paid off, and then came the army ( combat aircraft mechanic! )

She chose the Department of Photography at Wizo Design College over the Department of Psychology at University of Haifa. She paid for her studies by driving a combine! for the tomato harvest during summer vacations and specialized in fixing broken combine axles (everything you can do I can do better…), amotto she will live by forever.


Arye Morad was born in a little neighborhood of private homes in the heart of Bnei Brak, a small and religious city on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. He spent his childhood setting fire to fields of weeds and putting them out using handmade wagons loaded with stolen trash cans filled with water (Avi the redhead’s father was the deputy commander of the city’s fire department). Since he was one of the youngest in the gang, his role amounted to pushing the wagon to the field on fire. Avi the redhead was the deputy commander.

His received his first important camera (a Yashica SLR) when he was 11 for a photography club at Beit Immanuel in Ramat Gan. Despite the instructor who focused mainly on reciting optical equations, the camera remained with Arye, even during his military service in the infantry, until it was cruelly stolen from his big brother’s car (it’s kind of hard to blame the thief when you leave a camera on the dashboard of a car with the windows open all night long in an “iffy” neighborhood in Tiberias). Maybe in an attempt to make it up to himself, he enrolled in the Department of Photography at WIZO Haifa, where he met Yasmin.

Our Studio

Photography is magic that makes the viewer soar to different places. We believe this with all our hearts. That’s why even when the customer is satisfied and the stylist is happy, we frequently feel compelled to continue shooting, even though it is hard for us to explain why in words. And then it happens: the magic. And then we can soar.

Yasmin & Arye Photographers ‘s the magic that causes photography to take off, to soar!

Studio Ya was founded in Givatayim Israel in 1994, about a year after we graduated from the Department of Photography at the Canadian WIZO College in Haifa. Since that time, we have retained the excitement of newcomers, but added the professional experience that comes from over a decade of work. In a happy commotion of partnership, business, children, smells of constant cooking, friends and customers, who have become our best friends, we continue to soar with the camera and to nurture that magic.

 We would be delighted if you, wherever you are, choose to share it with us. You can contact us through the website to order work or ask questions, and we promise to get back to you right away.